“At Flava,we pride ourselves on technique which is essential to grow as a dancer. We encourage dancers to listen to the music and let the music define you.”

In the year of 1996, 3 young girls met twice a week and danced their hearts out in their parents backyard garage. Little did they know that their dream and passion for street dance would move them toward a journey full of laughter, hard work, endless possibilities and the chance to share their experiences with the rest of the world.

Over the next 7 years, known as the FLAVA CREW, Afroditi, Marissa and third member Elizabeth started performing and competing at numerous events and functions within Australia and achieved a reputable history in the SA entertainment industry.

Their passion for Hip Hop dance and live performance experiences inspired them to share their knowledge of dance, thus establishing Flava Dance Studios.

Flava Dance Studios originated in 2003 through Directors Afroditi Rallis and Marissa Angeletos.

With only 37 students to begin with, teaching, running a dance school, working and studying proved a challenge for the directors but rewarding at the same time; as new students continued to enrol termly to experience a touch of FLAVA.

In 2005, Flava Dance Studios was nominated in the category of Young Performer of the Year for Outstanding Growth, winning the SA NEIS Business of the Year award; an amazing achievement.

…And so the Flava Empire continues to grow, welcoming all ages from 4, as well as all skill levels; beginners to advanced. Flava has become a dance home for many individuals, which are all given the opportunity to improve in dance and performance while also keeping mentally and physically balanced. Come join the Flava Family today and experience dance and fun in a relaxed happy environment.